Sunday, December 20, 2009

What are we knitting now

I finally started working on a sweater for myself - a couple of years ago I went to The Philosopher's Wool in Canada and bought a bunch of yarn in a great purple with a pattern - well I m not sure about the pattern - really written strangely - the sweater starts at the sleeve end (cuff) then up the sleeve, add on stitches for the front and back - do two of these and kitchner together - will keep you posted - I'm really not sure I am following the pattern correctly.

Got hooked on Ravelry this year and have done several swaps - that is fun - have two lined up for the new year. A new Hogwart's swap and a slipper swap. That's for after Christmas.


Anne said...

Hi there,

Sounds interesting. Looking forward to hearing about the results.


HealingandLove said...

Sweater sounds interesting, have done a side to side on once many years ago - started at one sleeve finished at other, but that was about 20 years or more, wore it till it fell apart. Just hope hat I will knit for our hat swap will be to your liking.